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Senior Portraits. Sports Photography. Graphic Design.
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I'm TD, a web developer by day,
photographer/graphic designer by night. Located in Central Illinois.

A Little About Me

Hi, I'm Tracy, a photographer/graphic Central Illinois. Let's connect and make some cool stuff together! Fill out the contact form below to get this party started :-)


Session Fees

Package 1

1 Person
30 minute Session*
10 Digital Images
Facebook Cover

Package 2

1-2 Person
60 minute Session*
20 Digital Images

Package 3

1-5 Person
90 minute Session*
30 Digital Images

Package 4

1-7 Person
120 minute Session*
40 Digital Images

* Travel Time: I will travel up to an approximate 45 mile radius at no additional cost. For anything beyond 45 miles (St. Louis, Chicago), 50 cents per mile will be added.

What about the rest of the photos?

My goal is for these sessions to be as affordable as possible. However, you will not be turned away for your inability to pay. If you need financial assistance, I have sponsors that are willing to help cover the cost. Please contact me to discuss.

The Fine Print
The photos are owned by Dyer Creative and can be used on social media or other promotional material. If you do not want your photos included, special arrangements will need made which may require an additional fee.


Shots Taken


Cups of Coffee


Movies Watched


Awards Won

Get in Touch

If you'd like to book a photo session or are looking for custom design work, fill out the form below and I'll get back to ya in jiffy.